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Cultural Conversations

The Lancashire 2025 ‘Cultural Conversations’ are a series of talks and discussions to activate debate across the county on key current cultural topics. They bring together individuals and groups that create and inspire, that lead and facilitate action and debate locally, regionally and beyond. They are a chance to explore ideas, shape the thinking behind the bid and connect people and organisations up. We’ll be bringing in leading guest speakers and shining a light on creativity across Lancashire.

This is for those interested culture, creative industries, science, technology, sustainability, the public and voluntary sectors alike.

In the months we’ll be exploring the topics of Lancashire 2025, the burning issues about how we live, the future and culture’s role:

  • Living - health, happiness, social change and ethical living,
  • Nature - landscape, ecology, healthier environments and sustainable living,
  • Digital - digital citizens, open technology, augmented landscapes and participatory systems,
  • Connections - heritage, narratives, social interaction and cultural understanding.

Previous sessions:

Friday June 4th 2021

Cultural Regeneration. Positive Futures Through Culture

From Bilbao to Hull the role of culture in regeneration has been on the agenda. There are many potential benefits – from raising perceptions of local pride and aspiration to sparking urban renewal and jobs. But often the concrete evidence of lasting change is lacking. More controversial still is the potential for gentrification to price residents out. How can culture truly offer positive futures?

After an introduction with different perspectives on cultural regeneration we will split in to groups to discuss the questions: What does regeneration that benefits all residents look like? What can culture do to make better futures and a better way of life?

Friday May 7th 2021

Being Well. Mental Health Through Culture.

The pandemic has shown prioritising good mental health has never been more critical. MIND reports that two thirds of adults with mental health problems reported that their mental health has got worse during lockdown. Equally, while many cultural opportunities have been shut down, the arts have proved a lifeline. What next on the road to being well in the months ahead.

After an introduction on aspects of mental wellbeing and culture we will split in to groups to discuss the questions: What is it about arts and culture that can uniquely help mental well-being? What good practice is there and how can it be supported and grown?

Friday April 9th 2021

Can We Go On Like This?

Sustainable Living Through Culture. The UN view on sustainability is that it is about meeting the needs of the present without taking from future people’s ability to meet their own needs. We’ll discuss what the role culture can play in establishing a sustainable way of living. How do creative people, organisations and businesses act without taking from future generations? Also, sustainability is often seen as mainly being about the environment, but what other parts of life does a sustainable approach impact? A chance for a conversation looking to the future.


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