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Lancashire 2025 Film // Presentation Brief

We're looking for showcase film that gives a real sense of this ambition and vision for Lancashire’s bid

Film // Presentation Brief

Lancashire is bidding to become UK City of Culture in 2025, a transformational competition awarded by DCMS once every four years. This is the first time that a county has imagined itself as a virtual city of 1.5m creative citizens. Participation is at the heart of our bid, which exists to enhance the wellbeing of everyone in the county and our future generations. Our mission is to produce an ambitious and inclusive cultural programme that will integrate urban, coast and countryside using collectively imagined neighbourhoods, physical locations and a shared virtual space. We want to bring this vision to life.

Project Background

Lancashire transformed the modern world. Factories, mills, forges, farms and fishing boats gave birth to the industrial revolution that led to the creation of the modern city. But changes to industries, numbers living in urban centres, changing demographics, increasing pollution, and now COVID, mean that the twenty-first century city must change. There should be so much more.

Whilst Lancashire is not, technically, a physical “city”, in today’s digital age we believe in connecting people with geographic diversity and are proposing the creation of the Virtual City of Lancashire. It is a disruptive model firmly aimed at re-configuring culture for future generations. You can access a bid plan document which gives further details about Lancashire 2025 here.

We want to create a showcase film that gives a real sense of this ambition and vision for Lancashire’s bid. We need something that is versatile, and can be used standalone or embedded into a longer presentation about the bid. We also want to be able to share it across multiple digital and social channels. As well as providing a dynamic introduction to this exciting new vision, the film needs to find a way to represent the future and convey the idea of how the county will change because of winning UK City of Culture. We need to create impact and inspire people to find out more and become involved.

Content elements

We already have access to a significant amount of footage and imagery, however, we expect that more will be required to both suit the tone of the film and to fully articulate the vision. We expect the final film to include some or all of the following:

· High resolution film footage of the county, including drone footage (access will be provided to the content that we already have, to be supplemented by new footage);

· People and participation are at the heart of the bid and the film must represent the diversity of the communities across the county;

· Potential to incorporate 3D animation to help articulate the vision;

· Visual graphics to link in with the Lancashire 2025 identity.

Timescales and Key Milestones

Date Milestone

  • 18/5/2021 Distribute brief
  • 25/5/2021 Deadline for responses
  • By 28/5/2021 Shortlisting and invitation to interview
  • 31/5/2021 Interviews
  • 2/6/2021 Kick-off meeting with appointed partner(s)
  • 21/6/2021 Launch of film as part of ‘back the bid’ campaign

This is a tight turnaround of just two and a half weeks from the appointment of our chosen partner(s) to the deadline for the launch of the film. Capacity to deliver will be key, as will a clear vision and creative response to the brief. All existing footage will be made immediately available on appointment, and it may be that the right concept requires much more in the way of post-production than it does in the actual capture of footage.


The maximum total budget identified for this commission is £7,500 net and is fully inclusive of any charges and expenses incurred in the delivery of this tender.

Response Format and Deadline

Written responses should be sent electronically by 12 noon on Tuesday 25 May 2021 for the attention of Rachel McQueen

Responses should include:

· Organisational identity – name, address, contact details by phone and email.

· Website address.

· Name of lead contact (with contact details if different to those above).

· If applying as a consortia, you should clearly state the identities of members.

· An overview of your proposed approach to the brief.

· Examples of similar commissions delivered.

· List of key personnel alongside their relevant experience and anticipated input.

· References for 2 organisations for whom you have delivered similar work within the last 3 years.

· Budget – costs should be exclusive of VAT with a breakdown of estimated charges and expenses.

· Capacity for regular review meetings – these may be in person or via teleconferencing. Frequency and format will be agreed with the appointed company/consortia.


This is not a formal tender process, but a request for creative responses to what we recognise is a challenging brief. We do not expect responses to be overly detailed, but simply to give a sense that you understand and share our ambition, and would be prepared to work with us to refine and deliver the project brief within the budget and timelines identified.


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