Lancashire 2025
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Virtual City

Our Vision
Our Vision
Our Vision
Our Vision

Lancashire 2025 – Virtual City


4 Imagined Neighbourhoods Uptown, Downtown, The Valley and Light Coast become the stages to present our year of celebration.

96 Real-World Locations shining a light on each neighbourhood’s strength and ambition with commissions about, in or for a real-world location across Lancashire and online.

One Digital Map bringing people, places and projects together online to create the Virtual City.

Urban, rural, coastal, this project seeks to engage 1.5 million residents.

The Creative Concept

“Lancashire transformed the modern world. Our factories, mills, forges, farms and fishing boats gave birth to the city as we know it. But that version of the city is nearing extinction. Just a vehicle for material consumption, for clothes and for coffee, linked by railways and roads. There could be so much more”.

Lancashire 2025 is a Virtual City of 1.5 million inhabitants that connects the different identities of Lancashire to reshape a better, creative and more sustainable way of living in UK.

The Lancashire 2025 programme is a story of diverse people, cultures, networks, coming together, transcending boundaries of culture, technology and location.

3 Priorities

Lancashire 2025 focus on three key priorities for UK City of Culture 2025:


Lancashire 2025 will build and cultivate an active and empowered creative community to drive culture led regeneration throughout Lancashire. We will generate learning experiences. We will create a diverse community.


Lancashire 2025 will produce an ambitious and inclusive cultural programme at county scale that will connect the urban, coast and countryside. We will produce across all artforms, cultures and all places. We will commission new ideas.


Lancashire 2025 will collaborate in different ways across the public, private and social sectors to generate resources for culture in Lancashire. We will work towards common objectives and outcomes. We will drive culture led regeneration.


Delivered by culture, commerce and creative communities.

100 creative projects form the 96 locations and 4 neighbourhoods of the Lancashire 2025 Virtual City.

The commissions will be local, regional, national and international.

All will be presented in Lancashire and online.


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